Facts about Neuroscience That Will Dazzle You

The first question should be whether we know what neuroscience is and what it really entails. How else will you be dazzled by facts about something that is not even familiar to you? Well, first things first, it is good to start by shedding some on what neuroscience really is. Neuroscience is the systematic study of the brain and the entire nervous system. This is actually a hot top when it comes to learning and development in the 21st century. Initially, neuroscience was classified as branch of biology but it has grown to be recognized as an interdisciplinary area of study that collaborates with other fields of study. Well, now you know. The following are some of the facts about neuroscience dazzle you.

Best Information about Neuroscience Facts

1. Human brain can handle 40 million pieces of information per second

Studies show that human brain has the ability to handle about 40 million pieces of information in a single second. However, only about 40 pieces of information are able to reach the conscious of their brains. This means that we are not even aware of the most of the information handled by our brains. We are in control of a very negligible content of what is taking in our brains.

2. Humans are not the most attentive living things

If you thought that humans are the most attentive among living things, then you are very wrong. For instance, a Goldfish has attention span of 9 seconds, which is bigger than that of humans 8.25 seconds.

3. Human mind wanders for over 30%

Many people believe that human beings have the biggest ability to reason and remain focused. However, what many people do not know is that human mind is unfocused for about 30% of the time.

4. Humans can only commit 3-4 things to short- term memory

At average, a human being can only commit 3-4 things to short-term memory. These things disappear from the short- term memory after 20 seconds if a person does not keep on repeating them regularly.

5. Human brain has the ability to process information at different speeds

Human beings can process information as fast as 120meter/sec and as slowly as 0.5 meters/sec depending on the prevailing circumstances.

6. Human brain feels no pain

Although the human brain is the central command for the central nervous system, it does not have nerves and therefore does not feel pain.

7. Human brain is the biggest consumer of energy among all body organs

The human brain consumes about 20% of the energy produced in the body regardless of the fact that it constitutes only about 2% of the total human body.

8. Brain is the fattest organ in a healthy human being

About 60% of the human brain is comprised of fat making it the number one organ in the human body with the highest concentration of fat.

9. Human brain is not as perfect as it is perceived to be

Many people perceive human brain to be perfect. However, this is not the truth because it has in many times fooled human beings to deviate from the reality.

There is no doubt that neuroscience has enabled humans to understand the nature of the brain and the entire nervous system. This has led to realization of numerous amazing facts about the nature of the brain.